Edinburgh Tour Guides

Common Questions about the Cars

Can I eat in the Car?

As long as it is just snacks and they do not smell it is not a problem.  Just remember if you make a mess you will be sitting in that mess all day.  If it is something that stains there will be a charge for cleaning.

Can I drink in the Car?

Yes, cold drinks are allowed.  Hot drinks are not allowed due to the burn risk involved in a sudden stop should one be required.  If a spillage results in a stain you will be charged for cleaning.

Are children allowed in the Car?

Yes, however they do need a child seat if under a certain age, weight and height.  If your child is sick there is a charge for the cleaning of the car.

If I get travel sick should I tell you?

Yes. The last thing we want is someone on a tour being sick in the car.  Let us know so we can make sure you are sitting in the front next to a window that can open. It is also a good idea to take some sick bags with you should the unfortunate happen.  We can not always stop right away.

Are Dogs allowed?

We do not usually allow dogs in our car as one of our Driver/Guides is highly allergic to dogs (even hypoallergenic dogs).  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  

Is there space for Luggage?

Day tours do not usually require luggage space, however if you need to take it with you please let us know.

Tours lasting more than a day staying overnight in another location will have luggage space.  We recommend one suitcase and one "carry on" per person.